Hope of Family is registered in Rwanda under No 680/RGB/NGO/LP/10/2020.
We are thankful for Bylo Chacon Foundation for standing besides as our long term generous donor.


Executive Director

Emmanuel is Executive Director of Hope of Family from 2020 up to date. He Collaborates with the Board of Directors and the Management Team to carry out the decisions of the Board, Ensure that programs and services are excellent and in keeping with the Hope of Family’s long-term goals, and Oversee hiring, fundraising, maintaining records, compliance, fundraising, ensuring sound financial practices and other administrative duties. He has more than five years of experience building data-driven, action-oriented solutions to help development projects conform to quality assurance, program improvement, and efficiency. He has experience in data science, program management, program monitoring and evaluation, research development, strategic planning and budgeting, capacity building, system strengthening, stakeholder engagement, data analysis for qualitative and quantitative data and results reporting. He worked as a data consultant for various non-governmental organizations, private and public institutions in assisting them in making informed decisions that contribute to quality assurance, improvement, and efficiency. He has also vast experience providing technical leadership to organization management and coordinating their efforts to assure the quality, timeliness, and efficiency of all program services and operations. He has extensive knowledge and skills to qualify workers and volunteers by providing career coaching, mentorship and supervises the development of operations-based financial modeling. He is a logical, hardworking and committed with self-motivation as well as making decision based on evidence. He possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal. He holds a Master's Degree of Data Science in Biostatistics obtained from the African Center of excellence in Data Science at the University of Rwanda. He earned Bachelor degree in applied Statistics from University of Rwanda.

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