Kigali - Rwanda

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MEL Coordinator
Madina Fotina NTAKIRUTIMANA has volunteered in the organization for several times and the most important activity she championed was HoF staff’s coordination in the 2019 Muhanga district Exhibition that attracted nearly 60 organizations; HoF won 7th rank due to her team spirit and hard work. Madina is driven by a high sense of transparency and efficacy of project intervention in order to meet all objectives and targets. As a leader of different faith-based organizations, she has an acute sense of deep analysis, communication with different parties and high level of team engagement.All these are transferrable skills necessary to take Hope of Family to another level towards long-term success. Some of her day-to-day responsibilities in the organization include mainly close collaboration with the Executive Director office, field staff’s coordination, liaising with Muhanga district local administration, regular report generation and use MEL tools to check project performance indicators. Madina is expecting to graduate in Applied Statistics from the University of Rwanda.