Kigali - Rwanda

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The southern part of Rwanda is mainly dominated by agriculture. People live on agriculture farming opportunities. They breed cows but unfortunately in some families, they don’t have enough land to use for agriculture. It is for this reason, most of families supported by Hope of
Family request agriculture support in order to improve their living conditions.The staple agriculture products available in that local area include sweet potatoes, beans, cassava and also some peas. The organization has hired land to use specifically for these products. In addition to these, appropriate mechanism to raise more production are focused on.

This is in the form of trainings, and advising families on how to make more productive support that they receive. Esperance Mukarusagara in her kitchen garden. Hope of Family encourages and supports beneficiaries in setting these gardens around their homes Through the Hope of Family support, families have now domestic animals that help to also generate manure. More importantly, they know how to look after it in order to in raise their agriculture production