Kigali - Rwanda

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Basic health and sanitation practices Health and poverty are very closely related and poverty can be the root of many health problems. In Rwanda, mutual health insurance has been identified as a privileged channel for the growth of financial accessibility to health services in both rural settings and in the informal sector. It allows the most vulnerable and poorest segments of the population to be fully integrated into the health insurance system, and this is a mechanism which aims to limit the exclusion of the most destitute segments of the population from health services. Hope of Family supports families in affording mutual health insurance that has been instituted in
Rwanda in 2001; Hope of Family beneficiaries did not have before any other type of health insurance because they don’t have jobs. Their financial barriers to health care was leading to various forms of exclusion.“I am now glad because whenever I am sick, I can have medical treatment on time. I know why and how to clean water before drinking it”. Esperance Mukarusagara, Hope of Family beneficiary

Sick children are now able to go to the nearest health center for adequate medical treatment. Children from those families will not face chronic health issues that keep them home from school and deter their academic success. This medical facility is imperative to cope with common illnesses like malaria, worms and in most case these are preventable diseases but they deter the children academic success. It is hopeful that more complex illnesses that require hospitalization or extended absence from school will not have any single space among these children from Hope of Family beneficiaries. Hope of Family supports families to sustain health and basic hygiene practices. Proper latrines were built for families and water detergent locally known as “sureau” were distributed to families alongside with new jerrycans that must be used to keep water to drink at home.