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Strong basic education program is the cornerstone for the success of Hope of Family. Rwanda has the highest primary school enrolment rates in Africa. There has been sustained progress in access to education with the primary net enrolment rate increasing to 97 per cent in 2012. Gender parity at primary level has been achieved, with girls’ net enrolment rate of 98 per cent, which is higher than for boys (95%). The overall completion rate at primary level is 73 per cent (2012), which is a dramatic increase from 53 per cent in 2008, with girls’ completion rates at 78 per cent in 2012, and this reflects Rwanda’s success at increasing access and retention of
children in primary school. The families supported are the ones with children that are at primary school. The primary school is a good foundation to build a strong foundation. For that reason, parents must always urge their children to work better in order to have good performance. Through this coaching, they are encouraged to work hard in the evenings in order to revise their lessons. Parents must come up with a comprehensive plan to encourage them at school. In order to support children, 14 parents are trained in basic questions/interview that they should be having together with teachers in order to track the progress of their children. Parents are sensitized on their roles to regularly visit their children at school. After receiving the first round of support, parents sign the contract with Hope of Family in order to encourage their children’s education. They receive school visit forms that they should use on the weekly basis. This user-friendly form should be providing the most comprehensive and coherent information that encompasses children learning.“I am very proud of being supported by hope of family project and I humbly thank the management board who made me part of concern” MASENGESHO Joseph, one of the
primary school student supported by Hope of Family The module to coach parents in their children education has been developed in order to
encourage well-coordinated parental practices in their children education. This covers different aspects of education that also require direct involvement of parents in order to succeed. The module of training encourages interactive methods and themes were selected on the monthly basis. Hope of Family volunteers have agreed to do an incredible job while assisting parents that are beneficiaries of Hope of Family be aware of potential ideas in education that could help children improve their grades. It is also important to point out that parental coaching module does not only target education topics but also more topics that can help in improving social-economic status of beneficiaries especially at family level. Some of those topics include agriculture practices, basic health and hygiene practices, saving culture, use of radios and cell phones to improve wellbeing and increase children’s school performance.