Kigali - Rwanda

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Hope of Family is keen on creating a nurturing and supporting school environment. That environment should be favoring especially those children from Hope of Family beneficiaries. In order to encourage this better learning environment, Hope of Family supports those children to afford school materials that include uniforms, any necessary school materials. It encourages teachers to develop appropriate pedagogy that caters for all individual students while valuing their daunting background. Hope of Family urges teachers to develop effective instruction that allows students to use their own life experiences and adapt it to the culture of the students. Teachers should encourage active participation in learning by all students in the classroom in order to encourage at-risk students. Schools must create a solid partnership with families and seek how to involve them in the interest of their children education. In order to make this environment more sustainable, parents are always encouraged to visit their children at school on weekly basis. In order to support appropriate follow up mechanism, the School visit form has been designed and this helps effective teacher-parent communication happen in the interest of the child.