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Who we are

La mission de VIGLOJ

Travailler pour une société congolaise plus saine et plus sécurisée à travers la participation active des jeunes

La vision de VIGLOJ

Une nouvelle génération de jeunes catalyseurs de la paix, des droits de l'homme et de la prospérité en République Démocratique du Congo.

Families supported

Our Values

 As our support is direct and we are transparent in all processes especially towards our generous donors who sacrifice their time to raise funds for Hope of Family, or make their generous donations. 

Hope of Family is always accountable towards the expenditures related to operations.

It is always important to attend family beneficiaries’ needs and school children’s on time. All programs and support offered to parents and children happen in the relatively planned time in order to reduce stress and maximize work output.

Hope of Family respects not only families and school children from vulnerable background but also any other party that understands and supports our cause.

Being in the community of people and organization with diverse background is a good opportunity to share constructive experiences to optimize Hope of Family Vison and mission.

Hope of Family works with people with wide range of expertise to share knowledge and hands-on experiences about family poverty reduction, empowerment, successful primary education, saving culture, volunteerism. Hope of Family staff and beneficiaries value meeting opportunities that bring people together to deeply learn about knowledge revolving around those areas of intervention.

meet the our team

Charity, volunteer for better life and our smiles.