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Wellars Nsabimana explaining to family how to clean water before drinking it

"It brings joy and satisfaction to see better changes and smiling faces because of this wrap-around assistance   especially offered to families   with limited financial capacity. It is a great privilege to use my energy and strong education record to positively affect lives of other people around through Hope of Family initiative. I can’t wait to see its aspirations get materialized!!The only way you have to experience the same sense of satisfaction is to join. You are not late!!" Wellars Nsabimana, Hope of Family Volunteer


Hope of Family makes DIRECT fund from generous donors to Hope of Family beneficiaries through onsite community volunteers. We believe in the principle that each community member has, regardless of education background and financial status, unique talents and capabilities that can contribute to the betterment of the society through Hope of Family organization. Volunteering is a legitimate way to encourage citizens support ongoing government of Rwanda efforts to boost socio-economic ambitions while respecting the rights, dignity of people.  That is why in the respect of Hope of Family approach, the funding goes immediately to beneficiaries in order to respond to wrap-around needs. In order to make an impact more sustainable, committed volunteers mainly from the project zone are always encouraged to support the project work and in several cases, share success stories with teachers and school children to materialize Hope of Family vision. In this multidimensional project but using deliberately fewer and cheaper resources, don’t hesitate to spare few hours to volunteer and make such desired impact. You can bring in your education expertise. You can even share your experience that could possibly empower parents and the entire community where Hope of Family operates to get the best out of the wrap-around assistance and eventually maximize children’s abilities at school. “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Spare few hours a week and do any of the following with Hope of Family:

  • Visit children at school to make children and the entire school community feel more supported and nurtured
  • Help to sensitize parents on the importance of parental involvement in the successful education
  • Provide coaching to children especially in the evenings after school
  • Share your technical expertise with small family businesses
  • Train teachers on how to individualize their pedagogical practices while giving also chance to students from low-income families.
  • Raise parental awareness on cleanliness and why imperative for children to always drink boiled and potable water in order to bring down prevalence rate of preventable diseases among school children.
  • Spend little time and talk to families about cleanliness or any other health practices.

Are you ready? You don’t need to be a millionaire to make a difference or positively influence people’s mindset through this important organization of committed men and women; don’t worry you will work in the best of your ability.” The World is for Hungry for action, not for words”-Nelson Mandela



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