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Provide wrap-around support to children from family beneficiaries

1.Provide wrap-around support to children from family beneficiaries.

This wrap-around support goes both to families and children. Happy family is
in good position to influence successful children’s primary school education.
The support includes mutual health insurance, provision of arable land through
renting, improving housing conditions moderately, animal husbandry support. It
also involves long- term project to secure their livelihood in the future

Involve parents in their children’s education

2.Improve children’s basic education performance by involving more their

This involves provision of school equipment (books, notebooks, pens, uniforms,
book bag). It also caters for parents’ understanding of education and how best to
support their children in the school success. In this context, Hope of Family has
developed a module to use in the parental coaching and this happens on the
weekly basis. Hope of Family considers, with minimal intervention, formal
classroom aspect of scaling up teachers’ professionalism to better integrate
children from low-income families in the class context.

Support families’ initiatives for their social economic welfare

3.Support families’ initiatives for their social economic welfare

Hope of Family supports beneficiaries’ initiatives and practices that are in line
with improving their socio-economic endeavors. Hope of Family offers
assistance to families on how to improve agricultuire, and basic practices to
improve their family life such that they can confidently be involved in their
children education.

Support literacy skills among Hope of Family beneficiaries

4.Promote adult literacy and capacity building among the beneficiaries

members of Hope of Family community who can’t neither read nor write are
encouraged and supported to go to community literacy schools. Hope of Family
values collaboration with adults ’literacy schools run by other organizations
based in the zone of operations.