Hope of Family organization is based in the southern province. This organization that targets low-income families, its primary goal is to promote parental involvement in their children education while improving family livelihood. 

The motto of Hope of Family is the following: Direct, wrap-Around Assistance.

Direct: The support obtained goes straight to the individual families, does not get tied up in unnecessary bureaucracy. Wrap-Around Assistance: All aspects of the welfare of the beneficiary are considered through a collaborative team effort by service providers. It is community-based, it is rooted in the values and concerns of the person(s) being served, individualized to their needs, centered in family, and comprehensive. It is a distinct assistance method because it focuses on connecting families, schools and community partners in effective, collaborative, problem-solving relationships. Success is evaluated regularly and over-time, to make sure that each aspect of aid is supported by data that it is working. If it isn't working, then that aspect is re-evaluated. For Hope of Family, wrap-around services are focused on the families that the organization is supporting. Through this wrap-around approach – Hope of Family is connecting relevant families, relevant individuals and local administration officials. Work with each of these families include: agricultural tools, agricultural training, entrepreneurial training, parental coaching with the importance of schooling, assistance when the children that are at school and cannot help with the work at home, costs of schooling and any educational support the student(s) need, housing repairs, access to clean water, help to navigate the medical insurance and healthcare system, and involvement in a saving culture especially through the Savings and loans associations. 

Yes.Hope of Family is registered in Rwanda under No 680/RGB/NGO/LP/10/2020

The idea of starting Hope of Family was initiated by Aimable Mpayimana and his wife Jeanne d’Arc Uwamahoro in 2016.This is much rooted in his personal background;being born and raised by an independent mum who was socio-economically struggling,he alongside with colleagues envision families that area socio economically capable whole at the same time being engaged in their children education

Our approach is mainly based on the community volunteering, partnerships & advocacy 

Hope of Family has 4 main objectives: firstly, provide wrap-around support to children from family beneficiaries. secondly, improve children’s basic education performance by involving their parents more. thirdly,promote adult literacy and capacity building among the beneficiaries .Lastly,support families’ initiatives for their social economic welfare 

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