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A Transformative Visit: British High Commissioner and Delegates Inspired by Hope of Family's Impact

  • December 05th, 2023

Hope of Family NGO welcomed esteemed guests, including Omar Daair, the British high commissioner to Rwanda, accompanied by Olivier Kraft, a dedicated Hope of Family volunteer with his friends, along with delegates from the Kunda Arts Collective. The visit aimed to provide an insight into the impactful initiatives undertaken by Hope of Family in combating poverty and fostering education within the local community.

The day commenced with an engaging presentation led by the adept team members of Hope of Family, shedding light on the organization's profound commitment to addressing the needs of the local community. Augustin, the Executive Director of Hope of Family, extended a heartfelt welcome, emphasizing the organization's deep-rooted understanding of the community's challenges and aspirations."We are a passionate local team with a profound understanding of our community's needs and context," expressed Augustin. "Our mission is centered on reducing extreme family poverty through strong and efficient children's education." He added.

Augustin highlighted the significant progress made over the years, addressing crises such as high poverty rates, adult illiteracy, low school performance, and soaring youth unemployment. He proudly announced that the organization had positively impacted the lives of community members including children, and their parents. over 490 children experiencing improved holistic education, 450 children engaged in various recreational activities nurturing their talents, and more than 430 adults enhancing their literacy and numeracy skills.

Moreover, in their pursuit to uplift the community, over 855 individuals received financial support to kickstart Small Income Generating Activities. Additionally, 49 youth, previously deprived of educational opportunities, are now enrolled in technical and vocational schools, thanks to the relentless efforts of Hope of Family.

The visit wasn't confined to presentations; the guests were taken on an enlightening visual tour, exploring the tangible impact of Hope of Family through images depicting their work.

The journey continued into the field, where the visitors interacted with beneficiaries. Mukambonyi Delphine and Nyiransababera Phelomene, beneficiaries of Hope of Family programs, shared moving testimonials, illuminating the transformative effect on their lives.

Nyiransababera, emotionally overwhelmed, shared her poignant journey: "I was nothing, hopeless, struggling to provide for my children's education and our basic needs. Hope of Family transformed our lives. They supported my children's education, renovated our home, taught us how to grow vegetables, they provided us with a kitchen garden and livestock including pig to help us to start small income-generating activities. Today, my family thrives independently."

The delegation also paid a visit to the two groups of Hope of Family's beneficiaries who are in a program of "Peer Driven Change (PDC)," a program, fostering communal support and financial assistance among like-minded groups.

Expressing gratitude, Omar, the British High Commissioner, lauded the remarkable work of Hope of Family: "Thank you for an excellent visit. It was enlightening to witness the tremendous impact of your work. I can't wait to come back" Omar. Olivier Kraft, a Hope of Family volunteer, added, "We learn a story and lesson here to share with other places around the world."

The collaborative spirit soared as the Kunda Arts Collective delegates expressed their aspirations to collaborate further, aiming to promote volunteerism in Rwanda. Their initiative aligned perfectly with the vision of linking international volunteers with local organizations, amplifying the impact of collective efforts.

In closing, amidst expressions of joy and gratitude, the visit culminated with feedback sessions and token exchanges. Hope of Family extended heartfelt gifts, marking the end of a visit that not only showcased their impactful interventions but also ignited a beacon of inspiration and collaboration that transcends boundaries.

This visit wasn’t just a tour—it was a testament to the power of collective action, the transformative impact of community-driven initiatives, and the boundless potential of collaboration in uplifting societies.


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