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Baseline survey on 100 families

October 18th, 2018

Christine Muhoza, HoF Community Involvement Coach interviewing Laurence Yankurije, future HoF beneficiary.


Baseline survey on 100 families

I am pleased to announce that  Hope of Family (HoF) team has kicked off a baseline survey on 100 families. It is expected this will take 15 days from 15 November 2018 and HoF staff alongside with local administrators are collecting their efforts to have reliable and transparent results from 100 families selected in Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga district.

During this fiscal year 2018-2019, these families will be supported in the different areas reflecting HoF intervention: child Education performance, adult literacy and training, agriculture, livelihoods, community health, Entrepreneurship.

Baseline survey is of paramount to ensure that we have statistically accurate and compiled information for a well-focused intervention. Through the baseline results, the organisation will be able to reaffirm its realistic goals and consistently measure their progress. The results will motivate different stakeholders and raise their attention about certain issues while at the same time increasing their participation. Moreover, they will also help HoF team to provide justification for our generous donors and stakeholders for a well-focused project intervention while shaping some expectations and strategies.

Vedaste Habinshuti, The Executive Secretary for Shyogwe Sector. HoF team is working closely with local administration for successful baseline survey


Questions revolving around HoF scope  of intervention for 2018-2019 were technically designed by Hope of Family team under the lead of Emmanuel Mfateneza, M&E Coordinator. Data will be collected using tablets that were recently donated by running chicken organization. They are equipped with data winners application  to facilitate smooth data collection and visualization. Findings will be shared with different parties to inluence decisions including the decisions that are  in connection with Hope of Family Vision: Families that live decent life with appropriate  and timely involvement in their children education.


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Aimable MPAYIMANA ,  Founder of Hope of Family