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Datawinners in Hope of Family Data collection

July 14th, 2018


Hope of Family recently received tablets donated by its key partner, Running Chicken
in order to boost simple and quick way of collecting data
regarding Hope of Family intervention on the field.
Running Chicken, a US-based organization has built a long-term cooperation and
collaboration with Hope of Family since its inception and the organization has been at
the forefront to support Hope of Family to build, sustain, and evaluate its work in a
thoughtful way.

Those tablets equipped with datawinners application will facilitate Hope of Family
Monitoring and Evaluation process while speeding up accurate data collection. Data
winners is an application supporting multiple channels like SMS, web and smartphone.
It enables smooth data collection and visualization. The data collected from field will be
analyzed statistically in order to inform different decisions and envisage Hope of Family
intervention package with a well-monitored impact among beneficiaries. Hope of Family
volunteers using newly-donated tablet by Running Chicken;this organization hopes that
working with community members on projects that promote sustainable development is
the best way to make a lasting impact.
I believe in this digital age, Hope of Family volunteers should shift from paper and pencil
in order to embrace digital questionnaires. I am glad because any Hope of Family staff
under the lead of Emmanuel Mfateneza, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, will be able
to submit data using any combination of smartphone, and web with those tools.

This is an important move for this small but growing organization and I am confident that over the next few days, Hope of Family will continue to embrace and stimulate technology in its day-to-day operations because this is one the best channels to get people out poverty. More specifically, technology is another golden ticket to enable Hope of Family organization achieve its vision and mission. Hope of Family will continue to urge family beneficiaries to use mobile banking services to allow families monitor better and spend their money. Wireless technology will be used to both track and encourage parents’ school visits, monitor weekly parental coaching activities. Families will be sensitized on the use of technology for their well-being and
more importantly, strengthen good relationship with school management in the interest of their children’s successful learning. Through the parental coaching guide, Hope of Family will continue to advise families on the responsible and efficient use of telephones and radios in order to enhance social connections, intergenerational learning and also create a more
conducive learning environment for their children.


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Founder & Legal Representative
Hope of Family

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