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Emmanuel Mfateneza, the new HoF Executive Director

March 02nd, 2020

I am pleased to announce that Emmanuel Mfateneza a.k.a Zachee was recently appointed as Hope of Family Executive Director.Emmanuel who  has been demonstrating effective leadership skills since the beginning of Hope of Family, keeps HoF interests higher and is always driven by high sense of  focus  and team engagement in order to live up HoF philosophy and mission .

He has been championing all work of HoF in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation and the latest achievement is the MEL document and midline survey report that he has contributed in its development and production.  He has represented HOF in the district meetings with a high level of negotiation and professional interaction with local administrators; he does this with a perfect grasp of current local policies governing family and children education in general.

While serving as the Lead for MEL team, he has exhibited an openness and honest communication which are imperative for any organization’s growth and success. All these have made him popular not only among beneficiaries and but also HoF team of staff. He is always ready to roll up his sleeves and do the difficult fieldwork especially in very challenging times and as a founder of Hope of Family, I am personally grateful for his personality and commitment.

Emmanuel is appointed as HoF Executive Director when this organization  is recording many successes: beneficiaries include mainly 100 families and over 400 people have been sent to the community literacy schools. Campaigns that target around hundreds of parents and children in Muhanga are being organized. Strong and viable partnerships especially with local administration and other development partners in Muhanga are already in place. We are having a strong presence on the social media with a big number of people suggesting to be part-time volunteers and more importantly, our team of dedicated staff has grown up from 3 to 9 people .A lot to celebrate though the journey is still really long!

I will personally continue to support Emmanuel in communication with donors, building a strong team of HoF board while at the same time providing any timely and direct support to him to scale up HoF intervention and visibility. Please join our hands to welcome Emmanuel Mfateneza, the new Executive Director of Hope of Family!