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Enhancing Academic Performance and Self-Esteem: Testimonials from Parents in Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District

  • August 28th, 2023

Parents in the Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District, have testified that providing scholastic materials to school-going children has resulted in increased academic performance and self-esteem among beneficiaries of the Hope of Family programs.

Hope of Family is a local NGO operating in Muhanga District with a mission to Reduce extreme family poverty through strong and efficient children education.

Speaking to the recent consultative Meeting of Hope of Family which was held in Shyogwe Sector, Mrs. Theopiste Yankurije, one of the beneficiaries of Hope of Family, narrated that “We were lucky at the time when my family was selected among Hope of Family beneficiaries.”

She said that “Since we were a very poor family, they first provided us with hygiene and sanitation facilities. During that time, they gave us a Step and Wash Machine, along with soaps, and later they also provided school supplies for our children.”

“That made us happy because there were certain materials that we used to find quite challenging. Obtaining school materials for our children was a weighty struggle. In fact, we were not receiving an adequate supply of notebooks, which hindered our children’s learning progress.” She continued.

Mrs. Theopiste went on to explain that “After designating us as beneficiaries, our children started studying diligently, and it is evident that their knowledge is steadily increasing. Previously, it was challenging for a child who lacked sufficient resources to excel in their studies.”

“Hope of Family NGO provided us with all the necessary school materials, uniforms, bags, and shoes. Since then, our children have shown remarkable improvement, evident in their increased confidence. Even those who used to achieve lower grades have now started to excel, much to the satisfaction of our families.” She said,

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