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Fighting Malnutrition in Partnership with Kula Project

March 05th, 2020

Yesterday on 4th March 2020, a group of 21 beneficiaries and 4 staff of Hope of Family visited a site of kula Project in Kayonza district. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a learning workshop regarding the preparation of a complete meal and strengthening the partnership between both organizations.

HoF beneficiaries and their staffs visited the site of Kula Project, where they visited a handcraft workshop for teenagers who didn't finish formal schools. They also visited various exemplary kitchen gardens and learned how to take care of them. The site visit was productive, and both staff members and beneficiaries of HoF learned a lot.

Furthermore, HoF beneficiaries got training about complete meal preparation, and they had time to practice. The purpose of the training was to help them understand the composition of a complete meal, and how they can use available resources in the family to fight malnutrition. After the training, the whole team worked together to practice what they learned by preparing a complete meal that they shared after.

This visit trip was a success, and HoF members are going to fight malnutrition using the skills they gained. Besides, they will share what they have learned with other beneficiaries and society in general.