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Fostering partnership with local administration

November 24th, 2018

Iphigenie Nyiratunga, Muhanga district – JADF Officer Vedaste Habinshuti, the Executive – Secretary for Shyogwe Sector




This week is the most exciting one as we officially announce evaluation results of the last meeting for the local leaders that was held at Splendid Hotel, Muhanga district, on 16 October 2018. This meeting attracted Iphigenie Nyiratunga, Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) officer for Muhanga District and Vedaste Habinshuti, Executive Secretary for Shyogwe Sector, alongside with other 15 local leaders, media people, Hope of Family staff and original three families from the piloting phase.


Hope of  Family convened the meeting with  the overall objective of sensitizing local administrators about Hope of Family Vision though field activities stipulated in the fiscal year 2018-2019. Hope of Family  team work with  strong conviction in  this collaboration with local adminisration  to bring both desired and successful impact  on beneficiaries. In this productive meeting, important recommendations were put forth. Evaluation results were analyzed by Hope of Family M&E office. I am proud to share  with you that local administrators have a strong confidence in the Hope of Family  Vision and mission ; we will continue to be faithful to our commitments that affect positively lives of 100 families living in Shyogwe sector, Muhanga district.

Busy but wonderful times ahead! Keep checking  out our social media  posts and our website for details on all HoF forthcoming events, initiatives  and success stories.

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Aimable MPAYIMANA , Founder of Hope of Family