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HoF beneficiaries’s testimony about its intervention in improving living conditions

  • October 21st, 2019

Beneficiaries of HoF in Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District, say that they now live in good conditions after being supported by the organization.

The primary goal of Hope of Family is to promote parental involvement in their children education while improving families’ socio-economic status.

Liberatha Mukamana a mother of three and a widow is among the beneficiaries. Her family was living with no hope to develop due to extreme poverty. She was always concentrating on tough jobs to find money for basic needs such as food, children school materials, seeds and health insurances.

She said that it was painful for her to live under the leaking roof of the old house but through HoF support, every challenge was progressively addressed.

“Today, my children are no longer missing basic school materials and parental support as I visit them at school on a weekly basis. My house was renovated and now it’s smart. All my family members get timely medical treatment due to health insurance. HoF financed our piggery project which is on the promising stage.”

Redempta Mukanubaha also a widow, joined HoF in 2016. Since her husband’s death it became difficult for her family to survive but the organization support has brought an important change in her life.

She said: “The following are achievements of my family through HoF intervention: I have a small business and domestic animal for increasing family income. My house is lighted; we have kitchen garden for a balanced diet, handwashing materials for promoting hygiene among the family members.”

Hope of Family renovated three houses for the first three families it worked with and now they are in good conditions. The organization paid health insurance to 637 people of Shyogwe Sector. At least 48 kids studying at primary school from the vulnerable families were distributed school materials that include uniforms, notebooks, pens, shoes, bags and bottles.

100 kitchen gardens were set around 100 homes and 100 handwashing tools were given to households to encourage cleanliness in rural areas, among other acticities.

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