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Hope of Family Community Volunteering Approach: Don’t wait!

October 18th, 2018



This week has been the most exciting one as I announce that Maxime Inganji has committed himself to join Hope of Family as the volunteer in charge of Partnership Coordination.

Maxime will soon graduate from Mount Kenya University with a Master’s
degree in the Development Studies.

He will mainly be engaged in identifying different partnership opportunities, leveraging Hope of Family staff’s skills and expertise in orderto make an organization’s impact more meaningful and concrete.

The most important approach of Hope of Family is Community Volunteering. Hence, it is always important to attract and engage local volunteers like Maxime who should faithfully adhere to organization’s values and philosophy in order to make wrap-around assistance more direct while at the same time, discouraging heavy bureaucracies and unnecessary office costs in order to reach on time our great team of beneficiaries.

Among cohort of families that Hope of Family work with, volunteers have worked tireless to achieve a lot within this very short time since the organization’s inception.

I am confident people like Maxime with the same passion and commitment will continue to make both gradual and real impact through their innovation and community development endeavor.
According to Wellars Nsabimana “it is always a great joy and satisfaction to positively influence Hope of Family vision attainment using academic and professional skills”. This is the same wonderful experience awaiting Maxime after taking that most important move.

At this juncture, if you want to taste the same joyful feeling like Wellars’, don’t hesitate to join this organization and wherever you are, you will need to simply go to the website to fill in the volunteer application. Online volunteering is also highly encouraged. By joining us, you can do any of the following activities:

Visit children at school to make the entire school community feel more supported and nurtured, help to sensitize parents on the importance of parental involvement in the successful education, provide coaching to children especially in the evenings after school, share your technical expertise with small family businesses, raise parental awareness on cleanliness and any other health practices, remind children why imperative to always drink boiled and potable water in order to bring down prevalence rate of preventable, train teachers on how to individualize their pedagogical practices while giving also chance to students from low-income families.

Busy but wonderful times ahead! Keep checking out our social media posts and our website for details on all our forthcoming events, initiatives and success stories.

Keep on reading “Muraho(Hello) Hope Of Family Community!!

Happy reading and please share us with close and distant friends.


Founder & Legal Representative
Hope of Family

“Muraho(Hello) Hope Of Family Community!!” is a message from the Founder’s office shared with Hope of Family Community on the weekly basis. The message reflects specific or general updates within the organization. Hope of Family Community include staff, beneficiaries and any other person or institution supporting Hope of Family vision and mission.