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Hope of Family donates communication kits

April 15th, 2019

Hope of Family donates radios and mobile phones to 23 families as part of easing access to information as well as facilitating information sharing among its beneficiaries. HoF also gave them solar power bank and home light.

A mobile phone is a gateway, and oftentimes a means of knowledge, entertainment and communications for people in emerging markets. They have become vital to the lives and businesses of the people that use them. As well as Radio is the primary communications medium in many developing countries. It is able to reach millions and has a vast impact on societies facing adversity.

The primary goal of Hope of Family which was launched in 2016, is to promote parental involvement in their children's education while improving families’ socioeconomic status. Families and Hope of Family staff agree on the contract terms to sign in order to effectively support their children and raise their school performance. Parents agree to visit their children on the weekly basis, provide more after-school time for their revision, respond sooner to teacher’s or any other school leader’ invitation to discuss about the child’s learning. Those achievements will help Hope with families to achieve its goals.

Together we can do more.