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December 06th, 2019

Hope of Family, a local NGO in Southern Province, has carried out many activities since its operations in Muhanga District, in line with promoting parental involvement in children education while improving standards of living among families.

In the beginning, three houses for original families were renovated and now they are in a good condition. These families are running a piggery project that will help them generating income and meeting basic needs.

Hope of Family supported 637 people from Shyogwe Sector by paying for them community health insurance to help them having easy access to health services.

In order to contribute to the fight of malnutrition, the organization built 100 kitchen gardens for 100 families and equipped with 100 handwashing materials to develop cleanliness culture in homes.

Primary beneficiaries of Hope of Family programs strive to replicate them to the rest of the community around. It’s with this context that Uwimana Leonilla together with Liberata, the part time staff at Hope of Family are participating in weekly community assembly locally known as Inteko z’Abaturage (gathering all villagers).

Liberata and Leonilla’s main responsibilities include but not limited to sensitize community about Hope of Family’s theory of change where they educate people about public cleanliness, resilience, parent-teacher relation, entrepreneurship spirit, among others.

Last week they attended community assembly in two Villages namely Gatare and Kinyami of Kinini Cell, Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District where they discussed about the importance of proper sanitation in families.