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Hope of Family Enhances Safeguarding Measures with Support from Segal Family Foundation

  • November 27th, 2023

In a significant move towards strengthening its commitment to the well-being of vulnerable individuals, Hope of Family recently updated its Safeguarding policy. Last week, staff members gathered at the organization's head office for a comprehensive training session facilitated by an external expert in the field of safeguarding.

The update to the Safeguarding policy was made possible through the generous support of the Segal Family Foundation. This philanthropic organization played a crucial role by providing access to capacity-building resources, aimed at enhancing Hope of Family's organizational health. The collaboration with Segal Family Foundation reflects a shared dedication to upholding the highest standards in safeguarding practices.

Hope of Family's staff members actively engaged in a group discussion on tasks given.

During the training session, various engaging activities were incorporated to ensure active participation from every staff member. Far from being an ordinary affair, the training became an enjoyable and interactive experience, fostering a sense of joy and companionship among the participants.

One of the key highlights of the session was the emphasis on aligning organizational policies with the latest industry standards. The external expert guided the staff through insightful discussions and practical exercises, enabling them to grasp the nuances of safeguarding and its vital role in protecting children and vulnerable adults.

Staff members were enthusiastic about sharing their insights on how they plan to implement the updated policies to safeguard those at risk of harm, abuse, neglect, exploitation, discrimination, or radicalization. The collaborative atmosphere during the session not only strengthened the team's understanding but also reinforced their commitment to the organization's mission.

Hope of Family expressed gratitude to the Segal Family Foundation for their support, recognizing the invaluable role played in advancing the NGO's capabilities and ensuring that their safeguarding measures align with the latest industry best practices. The updated policy and the enthusiastic response from staff members underscore Hope of Family's unwavering dedication to creating a safe and secure environment for those they serve.


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