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Hope of Family Inspires University of Rwanda Students in Developmental Studies with Eye-Opening Field Trip

  • January 19th, 2024

In a bid to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, students from the University of Rwanda-Huye campus, pursuing studies in Developmental Studies, were hosted by the Hope of Family on the 18th of January 2024. The enlightening trip aimed to connect academic learning with practical, on-the-ground experiences in the realm of developmental work.Upon their arrival at the Hope of Family, the students were warmly welcomed by Mr. Augustin Iyamuremye, the Executive Director of the organization. Mr. Iyamuremye provided a concise overview of the NGO's mission, vision, and the diverse areas of intervention they engage in to support their beneficiaries. The students were given an insightful tour of the NGO's headquarters, gaining a deeper understanding of why Hope of Family is an integral part of the community.

The excursion moved beyond the confines of the NGO's office as both students and NGO staff ventured into the field to visit beneficiaries. The primary goal was to showcase tangible evidence of the NGO's impact on the lives of those it serves. Two beneficiaries were visited during the trip, offering a firsthand look at the positive transformations brought about by the collaborative efforts with Hope of Family.

It was revealed that Hope of Family has successfully supported 420 struggling families, significantly improving their living conditions. Additionally, the NGO has facilitated the education of 680 children by providing essential school materials, thereby enabling them to engage effectively in primary formal education.

Following the field visit, an open discussion was held between the NGO staff and the students. This dialogue provided an opportunity for students to pose questions and share their observations and insights gained from the field. The exchange was not only informative but also served as a platform for the students to appreciate the impactful work being done by Hope of Family in reducing extreme family poverty through a focus on robust and efficient children's education.

Dr. Prosper NKURUNZIZA, a lecturer accompanying the students, praised the initiative, affirming that what the students witnessed in the field seamlessly aligned with the theoretical foundations laid in their university studies. Dr. Prosper urged the students to translate their knowledge into action, imploring them to implement the valuable lessons learned and, upon graduation, contribute to community development to positively impact the lives of others.


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