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Hope of Family NGO Empowers Mbare Primary School with Educational Support for P1 Students

  • November 14th, 2023

On 13th November 2023: In a heartening display of community support,  "Hope of Family NGO" has extended a helping hand to Mbare Primary School, focusing on fortifying the foundational learning of P1 students. The NGO's donation, comprising essential school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, and drawing notebooks, aims to enhance the overall learning experience for P1 young scholars and improve their academic outcomes.

The Head Teacher of Mbare Primary School, Mr.KAYIJIRE Florent expressed gratitude during the event held to mark the generous contribution. In a heartfelt speech, the Head Teacher highlighted the significance of the materials received, emphasizing their role in providing a conducive learning environment for the P1 students.

"This initiative is a crucial step towards building a strong educational foundation for our P1 students. The donated materials will empower these young minds to engage more actively in their studies, laying the groundwork for future success," remarked the Head Teacher, Mr. KAYIJIRE Florent.

The Education Program Manager of Hope of Family also addressed the audience, stressing the organization's commitment to supporting education and fostering academic growth within the community.

The Education Program Manager of Hope of Family, Mr Nyandwi Charles echoed sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact that involved parents can have on a child's education.

"We encourage parents to remain actively involved in their children's academic journey. Regular visits to the school, dedicating time for revision and homework at home, and nurturing a supportive learning environment are essential components of a child's educational success," Nyandwi asserted.

The event was attended by parents who showed their commitment to their children's education by being present during the material handover. The Hope of Family NGO emphasized its long-term vision for the project—aiming to elevate student performance in national exams, ultimately increasing the number of students eligible for enrollment in boarding schools.

"We believe that by strengthening the foundational learning of our P1 students, we are laying the groundwork for their future success. Our goal is to see these students excel in their academics, paving the way for numerous opportunities, including enrollment in prestigious boarding schools," Nyandwi added.

The collaboration between Hope of Family NGO and Mbare Primary School stands as a shining example of the positive impact that community involvement and targeted educational support can have on shaping the future of young learners. As the initiative progresses, it is expected to bring about a transformative change in the academic landscape of Mbare Primary School, setting the stage for a brighter future for the students involved.

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