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February 14th, 2020

Yesterday on 13th Feb 2020, Hope of Family (HoF) supported 100 families in Shyogwe Sector with a capital of 2,000,000 Rwf to start small projects in groups that will help them sustain their families and support their children's education.

Picture 1: Group picture of beneficiaries, HOF staff and local leaders after receiving the support.

Picture 1: Group picture of beneficiaries, HOF staff, and local leaders after receiving the support.

In the presence of the Executive Secretary of Shyogwe Sector, Mrs Mukamutana Valerie, and local leaders, HoF beneficiaries were given the support of 2,000,000Rwf to start income-generating projects in groups to help them reduce poverty in their families. HoF is expecting the beneficiaries to reinvest some part of the income to expand their projects and afford the basic need for their families.

In addition, the second purpose of this aid is to help parents to generate income and save for their children's education. While HoF is fully supporting their kid's education in primary, it is also empowering parents to get the capacity to afford the education of their children in secondary school. Therefore, some of the income generated shall be saved to help families educate their children.

HOF will continue to support its beneficiaries with both financial and advisory support to make sure their projects are running well to serve the desired purpose of reducing poverty and support children's education.