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December 31st, 2018



I know all of you have been embracing Hope of Family vision and philosophy; this 2018 has been a good stepping stone to maximize many of our aspirations to engage families in their children education. Thanks to great generosity and love of our donors, we are honored to serve 100 families from 2019 in the southern part of Rwanda. Here is a snapshot of our 2018 milestones.

Piggery project to original three families is now at the most promising stage. Despite some challenges, we are very glad that the pig race was replaced, and Hope of Family community is very confident that this project will really yield into significant gains.

Health insurance to 500 people was covered for 2018-2019. This will enable beneficiaries who come from 100 families to have access to health services.

Hope of Family was officially registered by Rwanda Governance Board as a viable organization with impactful effect on the beneficiaries. This is a great move to ensure that we link up with local administration and other development partners that we share the same cause and passion.

HoF official registration certificate HoF official registration certificate

Hope of Family office was rented in the southern part of Rwanda for 12 months. This cheap but very comfortable office will be used at the same for the community library, staff’s offices, parental coaching sessions. A tent might be occasionally placed in its garden to host different community events.

Orientation meeting to local leaders that happened at Splendid Hotel in Muhanga was a good occasion to tighten our relation with local administration. Local administrators are confident in the Hope of Family intervention and look forward to supporting all organization’s field activities.

Availability of the funding to improve families’ livelihoods left them in a great joy and hope. Houses are being renovated and the process is at the completion stage.

Baseline survey that was collected on 100 families is a good exercise to better plan for our activities and polish up our targets. Baseline results will be presented to local administration in the meeting that will happen early January 2019 for more discussion while identifying different areas where different partners can be involved in.

QuickBooks software for accounting was recently purchased in order to professionally record our transactions. This will facilitate our regular financial reporting and more importantly, ease the work of the Operations Coordinator’s office.

Our work has been attracting many people on the social media. As result, Hope of Family is gradually having a good number of followers. Over the next year, this will continue as the organization plans to reach out many people.


Veronica Ensign’s trip in Rwanda and meeting original families has been a golden opportunity for a proper strategic planning; important action points from her trip are successfully shaping the organization’s achievements.

On the behalf of Hope of Family staff, thank you so much for your wonderful support and generosity. We shouldn’t have achieved all these without your actual involvement! With your help, we will continue enriching parental engagement aspirations and empower them to socio-economically live purposeful lives.

Together we will prove that families that live a decent life while at the same time being involved in their children education is the greatest equalizer of all.

Here’s to hope in 2019!!