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Rwanda: HOPE of FAMILY commits to promote education through eradicating poverty in Southern Province

May 21st, 2018

HOPE of FAMILY commits to promote education through eradicating poverty in Southern Province

Established in 2016, by Mr Mpayimana Aimable” Hope of Family “a non-governmental organization currently operating in the southern Province of Rwanda has positively changed lives of vulnerable families from nothing to something. Before the organization opened its doors in the area, some vulnerable families had turned into victims of poverty, illiteracy, and depression, until when they were approached and raised up by this organization. Speaking to Focus Africa reporter, 47 years old Mukarwubaka Redempta a widow, mother of 6 children and beneficiary said “I was the first beneficiary to join “Hope of Family “in 2016, they advised me to mobilize my colleagues for them to resume operations of supporting our families. “The resident of Muhanga district, Shogwe sector, Kabugo village studied catering that’s why she decided to present her small project she was dealing in selling sambusa and received additional capital from “Hope of Family”.
“I was supported with capital to raise my samosa business and since then my life has positively changed. I didn’t have any farmland before which was leading to poverty in my family, they bought me land for farming whereby I grow beans, sweet potatoes, they supported me in animal farming whereby am practicing piggery today, they provided us with phone gadgets to enable us connect with our friends and families, they renovated our houses whereby rain used to penetrate during the rainy season, they provide school equipment’s to my children which was a problem before, my students used to go to school hungry which hindered their performance but today they are performing very well because they have access of all necessities to support their education.

Beneficiaries (Left) Redempta and (Right) Leonilla pose for a Photo at their cooperative farm yard given to them by “Hope of Family”.

Two of my children are performing very well at school and up to now they keep scoring high marks at Mbare primary school located in Muhanga district(southern province) that’s why I decided to buy a solar panel to facilitate their learning and doing homework”. Redempta also added that Hope of Family taught her the saving culture hence establishing their cooperative, today they save their money in Shyogwe Umurenge Sacco and that’s why they are planning to start-up a project of maize milling which will support them to earn some money and also the waste products will be taken as food to our pig rearing project.

Beneficiaries pose for a picture with field director Mr Wellars

Redempta poses for a photo at her backyard where she rare pigs

Uwimana Leonilla is 47 and a mother of 5 children who all go to school, one them has already completed his studies and is currently doing internship at a nearby school called Mbare. She lost her husband in 2006, since then Uwimana and her family has been struggling to come out of poverty while her children had been suffering from poor learning due to failure of acquiring school equipment’s.

She noted that “I dedicate my life and achievements to “Hope of Family “because if they didn’t come I don’t know where I and my family would be today, they have supported us in various ways and we really appreciate. I used to feel lonely with depression but when “Hope of Family” opened its doors at least now, I know I have people who care about me and family”. When they came they got me out of poverty when they bought my family land for cultivation. This saved my family from poverty, they provided school equipment’s to my children which positively changed their performance at school, and they renovated my house, provided me with animals for rearing and many other equipment’s, may God bless Hope of Family. Lastly, I dedicate all this support we acquired to the good leadership of HE President Kagame and wish him to live long.

Beneficiaries pose for a picture at their cooperative farm in Muhanga District

The primary goal of Hope of Family is to promote parental involvement in their children education while improving their family’s socio-economic status.