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Rwanda: Hope of Family pays Health Insurance Fees for 3000 people at Shyogwe Sector in Muhanga District

July 25th, 2020


Hope of Family, a local Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to alleviate residents in Shyogwe Sector from extreme poverty has earlier this week paid Health Insurance fees for 3000 people in Muhanga District, Shyogwe sector.

The Health Insurance will cover the period of the year 2020/2021.

According to Emmanuel MFATENEZA, Executive Director of Hope of Family, among persons who received the year 2020/2021 Health Insurance are 500 beneficiaries of Hope of Family while 2,500 persons were selected by local leaders based on their financial means.

Mfateneza urged those who benefited from this health Insurance scheme to use it efficiently by seeking timely medical services as soon as they feel sick.

“Don’t wait your Health to get worsened, seek the medical services as soon as you start feeling abnormal. This will reduce devastating effects that are likely to happen if the medical service is sought late.” Mfateneza said