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Supporting child education and family livelihoods

February 13th, 2018
??? Muraho(Hello) Hope of Family Community!!

Hope of Family(HoF) was recently recommended by Muhanga district administration as an organization that aims to create opportunities in order to reduce extreme family poverty through supporting child education and family livelihoods. This official recommendation (letter No 014/2018) follows the visit of Iphigenie Nyiratunga, Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) officer for Muhanga District, on 7 November 2017.

There are many good and convincing reasons that make Hope of Family more recommendable with its ambitious vision and mission. Hope of Family since its inception has been encouraging parents to take interest in their children education. Parents must visit their children at school, respond to any school authority’s or teacher’s invitation in order to have a first-hand experience of their children’s day-to-day school activities. This is also another chance to both discuss and revisit their own role to turn teaching and learning process into the most fruitful learning experience.

Parents must always create a conducive after-school environment for children’s better revision of their lessons. These sound basic but I can fully guarantee that they are huge to positively transform learning and teaching process; these parents’ acts always send out a positive message to the entire community and for this time, Hope of Family is gradually recording wonderful success stories from public, school staff, and children themselves.

However, Hope of Family understand that there might be some socio-economic barriers that could hinder that parental involvement in their children education. Hope of Family work tirelessly with different partners and generous donors to keep them minimal: all family members’ basic health insurance was covered, full package of school materials was distributed, water detergents and locally-made materials for hand wash were made available in order to raise the highest essence of home and community cleanliness, simple renovation of house roofings was carried out, small-scale project is at its promising stage, among many others. Parents are aware that all these happen with the overall mission: support families to live a decent life in order to appropriately and timely get involved in their children education.

If you believe in the Hope of Family vision and mission, stay tuned for more weekly messages.

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Founder & Legal Representative
Hope of Family

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