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June 11th, 2018

In order to promote quality education in the Southern province of Rwanda especially in Muhanga district, the non-government organization has emphasized on interacting parents, students and teachers at schools. The introduction of this education technic has contributed a lot on achieving the target goals of Hope Of Family and has supported the Rwanda government especially the education sector through promoting quality education to students.

“Our young generation are the future leaders of tomorrow, therefore we should always embark on continuous monitoring of their performance both at school and back home in their families. This interaction has shown extreme progress because most of these students’ grades have been advancing positively since the establishment. Said Habimana Wellars , The Director of Field Operations for Hope of family

Speaking to Mrs Mukamugema Marie Beatha teacher at Mbare Primary School located in Muhanga district(Southern Province) who always keeps in touch with students and parents on daily basis said “First of all I thank Hope of Family(HOF) for introducing this strategy in Muhanga District precisely at Mbare Primary school; it has promoted the performance of students in this area and I think it will be better if HOF extends its positive activities to other areas of the country to promote the quality standard of education which is among the government target goals aimed of promoting the knowledge-based economy”

“I would also use this opportunity to call upon parents to continue this positive interaction through supporting their children through by their obligation like supervising them in doing several homework’s and exercises given to them at school” Beatha added

Before, it wasn’t easy to convince parents to visit their children at school, but after Hope of Family introduced its doors, the perception has changed positively. These days we meet and interact with parents, discuss on the challenges faced by children both at home and school while we also focus on finding the best solutions to their problems.

The meetings between parents that are beneficiaries of HoF and teachers have positively impacted on their children’s performance and discipline at school and all this is dedicated to the work being done by the organization. Finally, parents and teachers in Muhanga district embrace the support from Hope of Family while they call upon the organization to extend its support to other areas of the Country for other Rwandans to benefit.