We are thankful for Woven Foundation and other partners for standing beside us as our long term generous donors.

Heads’ trainings on the monthly basis

Hope of Family promotes capacity building and adult literacy among beneficiaries. Beneficiaries spend approximately 96 hours during the two year-cohort period. These training topics cover holistically all points of Hope of Family intervention: education, livelihoods, conflict resolution, and income generating projects, among others. Sessions are led by well-trained facilitators and quality benchmarks for all professional training were set by the organization. Our training manual is very practical and is full of live activities to discourage participants ’boredom. Additionally, we are conscious that even parents who can’t neither nor write must attend trainings and that is the reason why while doing preparations, all these are taken into consideration. After training participants leave the site with community assignment. This is a very practical activity that they have to accomplish in their own community to ensure that training has impact on the rest of non-beneficiaries. For example, after learning about the role of education in the future of a Rwanda, the community assignment will take beneficiaries to their neighbors to identify a list of people who drop out school. Beneficiaries will hence collaborate with local administration to make sure they are back to school in the near future. This is how Hope of Family has had a huge impact on the rest of population.