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Interactive video resources

Hope of Family is going to set up computer labs equipped with a set of videos as resources for trainings and supplement to library resources . This resources have been developed because beneficiaries are more likely to implement new practices if they have a clear mental image of what these practices look and sound like in the the real life context , i.e., if they are provided with real-community images of effective teaching in video format The understanding is more likely to be complete if think knowledge and people featured in the video exhibiting the best practices are from their surroundings In order to respond to the shortage of materials while providing alternatives to beneficiaries’ capacity building, we have launched the interactive video module to supplement a few library resources. In addition to this these digital modules will help facilitators to turn lessons into a very active and lovely experience. Structure of interactive video resource • Introduction: It provides an overview of the topic and the essence of learning the topic • Development: They provide in-depth knowledge of the topic to be learnt. After each subtopic, there are pre-viewing questions to check participants’ understanding • Conclusion: After the overall summary, there is also another set of questions to check general understanding. Example of Kitchen Garden as an interactive video module • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0WjAVALW8o • In 2015 the Demographic Health Survey found that 38% of children in Rwanda were experiencing chronic malnutrition (DHS). • The goal of a Kitchen Garden is to provide individuals and communities with the crucial nutrients that they otherwise would not have. • The main purpose of the kitchen garden is to provide food for the family at low cost. Vegetables grown are cabbage, greens, carrots among others. Trees around the house can provide shade, trees and firewood. Small animals like chickens keep the court clean from insects and waste.