We are thankful for Woven Foundation and other partners for standing beside us as our long term generous donors.

Safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

’Investments in WASH are what we call a “no-regrets” investment, which support human rights and save lives. In fact, WASH is an excellent investment’’. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,WHO Director General

Hope of Family team know that safe-drinking water, hygiene and sanitation practices are crucial investments in human health. WASH is an important investment to counter among our beneficiaries spread of illnesses such as diarrhea factors contaminating groundwaters and surface waters for drinking -water, irrigation and household purposes

Hope of Family distributes materials that include jerkans, basins and water detergents to keep safe and clean water. More hand-washing facilities like Kandagira ukarabe (traditionally hand-made washing tools) are distributed. Family members children know they have to wash their hands with soap, children must carry drinking water in clean bottles. They have themselves acknowledged these tools not only keep them safe but also give them right start and confidence in their future.

We built new latrines and maintained existing ones in order to promote community cleanliness and decent life in the community we are serving. This prevents spread of diseases that mostly affect primary school-aged children. These children from low-income families are always prone to these illnesses that are related to poor handwashing services and poor latrines. Consequently, they miss classes when they have caught diarrhea, etc