We are thankful for Woven Foundation and other partners for standing beside us as our long term generous donors.

Support community literacy initiatives

Hope of Family support all our beneficiaries who can neither write nor attend community literacy school. We do this with the conviction that only family members who can read and write remain in the best position to eventually support their children to perform better at school and take initiatives that improve their livelihoods. Hope of Family liaises with other local literacy organizations that include but are not limited to charitable organizations, faith-based organizations, Muhanga district to advocate community members. We turn them into better students by distributing enough packages of literacy school materials and track their performance. As illiteracy and poverty are interlinked, we additionally help our beneficiaries have long-term projects generating income under the mentorship of Hope of Family staff. Feedback from our Community literacy students is always fantastic: They have improved their health, improved confidence, and nourished a positive outlook towards a brighter future